The present confronts the past in the day-to-day coexistence with those who are absent
and in the permanent demand for justice in their names. Now Memoria y Justicia makes
accessible to everyone the elements needed to understand the judicial context of human
rights today in Chile.




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Human Rights Program in Jeopardy, Says AFDD

Doctors of the People Remembered

The Principle of Universal Justice Assailed in Spain

Senate Bolsters Impunity

Remembering Orlando Letelier 33 Years Later

Orlando Letelier: Courage, Idealism, Generosity
Excerpts from book by Edmundo del Solar

Orlando Letelier: Testimonio y Vindicación (Excerpt)

A Letter to my father, Alonso

Report on Repression of Mapuches

Six Arraigned in Murder of Priest Miguel Woodward

Supreme Injustice
Loncomilla and Contreras Maluje Cases

On the Death of a Torturer

Por el Pajaro Enjaulado
Ethics Committee Forum on the Valech Commission

Victor Diaz, 31 Years Later the Truth begins to Surface

Journalist Collaborators Suspended from Professional Guild

Constitutional Accusation Urged against Court President

Eugenio Berrios, Perpetrator turned Victim

Pinochet Died Without Ever Being Sentenced
but the Battle against Impunity Continues

Round Table Discussion on Exile

A Tribute to Orlando Letelier

Charles Horman, Journalist with a Conscience

Strategies from Chile on the Globalized Struggle Against Impunity
Fabiola Letelier Del Solar

How Patio 29 was Saved from Disappearance


Unfounded Challenge to Judge Cerda

Riggs Bank Pinochet Indictment
(in Spanish)

Pinochet-Contreras Cross examination

Plaintiff Attorneys Clarify Supreme Court
Operation Condor ruling

No More Impunity

Supreme Court Deprives Pinochet of Immunity

Tribute to My Father Alonso

Pinochet Supporter Wins Supreme Court Nomination

Universal Jurisdiction

Judges Knew About Torture but Chose not to Act

Court Upholds Arraignments for Torture

A Call to Action to all Human Rights Organizations

A Free People Will Not Accept Incomplete Justice
Judge Juan Guzman Tapia

Denial of Justice in Valparaiso

A New Lead in Antonio Llido Case

Prats Case Proceeds Without Prime Defendant

Civilians are Next on the Chilean Court Docket

First Indictments for Torture at Tejas Verdes

Riggs Bank to Pay Millions to Pinochet Victims
The Murder of of Miguel Woodward and the Climate of Impunity in Chile Do Not Blame the Victims, Mr Nunez Supreme Court Raises Hopes for Justice Amnesty and Statutes of Limitation Foster Impunity
Jose Galiano

For the Right to Live in Peace:
No More Torture

Michel Nash: A Young Man
Who "Knew Everything About Life

Codepu: Clara Sczaranski Should Resign

The Secret Bank Accounts of Pinochet
Fabiola Letelier

Pinochet in the Clutches of the Condor

Educating Judges on International Law
Roberto Garreton

Memory of Women:
Violence in the Nation and in the Home

Flowers in the Desert: Images of Calama






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