Justice Put to the Test in Sandoval Rodriguez Case

American Association of Jurists, Chilean Branch
Human Rights Attorneys
Santiago, Chile May 19, 2004

We call on the associations of families of victims of human rights violations in Chile, human rights attorneys, university student federations, professional guilds, unions, congresspeople, political parties and the general public to express your concern for the decision that the Supreme Court of Chile must adopt on May 28, 2004. We urge you to gather outside the Court building on Compañía Street, (corner with Bandera Street) as of 9 AM on that day. The hearing scheduled to take place that day may be decisive for the future of human rights cases in Chile.

For the first time after many years, the high court must rule on the Decree Law 2191, known as the Amnesty Law that creates a self-pardon for all who participated as authors, accomplices and those who concealed crimes committed between September 11 1973 and March 10, 1978.

On January 5, 2004 the Fifth Chamber of the Court of Appeals upheld the sentence issued for the former heads of the DINA in the abduction and forced disappearance of Miguel Angel Sandoval Rodriguez. The defendants subsequently filed a motion for dismissal, which normally would be heard by the Criminal Law Chamber. However, in this case, the proceeding will be conducted by the Full Session of the Supreme Court.

We extend this call to international organizations such as the International Federation of Human Rights, the Inter American Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International, Justicia y Paz of Rome, Italy; the National Lawyers Guild, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the International Committee of Jurists, and all other organizations that fight against impunity in the human rights violations committed in Chile during the military dictatorship between 1973 and 1990 to be present as international observer at this important judicial proceeding.

Your presence and your voice can make the difference in changing "No to Impunity" to Yes to Truth, Justice and Reparations" for victims.


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